RAGA Kithul is 100% pure virgin kithul harvested from over 1200 of own trees on the Dumbara Estate in Ratnapura.

We guarantee an #unapologeticallyreal product as the kithul technicians that procure the sap are our own team and each step of the process in making our potent elixir of liquid gold maintains ISO standards that certify quality and RAGA guaranteed purity.

With no added sugars, diluents or additives, RAGA Kithul is vegan friendly and an all-natural alternative to refined and artificial sugars and sweeteners.

Defined as a low GI food, our syrup is packed with antioxidants and is easier for the body to break down which helps indigestion. RAGA Kithul is recommended by experts and is a versatile and delicious flavour for everyone at home no matter their age or dietary preferences.

RAGA - Vanilla Infused Kithul - 250ml

Known to have soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, the fragrant essence of vanilla in our kithul is the perfect way to introduce high quality vanilla beans, sourced from our own plantation in Eheliyagoda, into your diet and has proven effective in calming babies and helping to manage sleep apnea and digestive disorders in adults. Vanilla beans have also been merited with curbing a craving for sugar, which makes it perfect for those who want to get control of that sweet tooth. Substitute vanilla infused kithul for artificial and refined sugars and enjoy better flavour with better health benefits for your whole family!

Coffee Infused Kithul - 250ml

Coffee has been heralded across the globe for its energy boosting powers. As a natural stimulant, infusing a premium Italian coffee into RAGA kithul has not only created a sensational new flavour but a buzzing sweetener that has the pick me up properties of a shot of espresso! Coffee is also known to reduce the risk of diabetes, which when coupled with the same benefit from kithul, makes our coffee infused kithul the perfect alternative for diabetics who like their sweets! Try replacing sugar in beverages and food with this potent treacle and enjoy a burst of flavour and energy!

RAGA - Cinnamon Infused Kithul - 250ml

Ceylon cinnamon is an unparalleled standard of quality for cinnamon and is superior to cassia that is grown in neighbouring countries. At RAGA, we use 100% natural cinnamon from our estate in Eheliyagoda to flavour our pure virgin kithul treacle that maximizes both the flavour and health benefits of our product. Cinnamon is rich in antioxidants and has anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. By choosing to substitute regular sweeteners and sugars with our cinnamon infused kithul, you can support a healthier diet that aids in better digestion and lowers blood pressure.


Does your Kithul look a little different today?

Don't worry colour variations are common in Kithul and fluctuate based on climate, soil and plant ecology.

The flavour is uncompromised & maintains the gold standard.

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