Get to know us

An opportunity to visit a 4th generation tapper in the village of Ayagama is what started it all.

The journey was an interesting adventure across rivers and mountain rocks which eventually led to a very steep road where a legendary Sri Lankan master tapper shared his thoughts about the status quo of the industry and how it saddens him to see kithul treacle being diluted with water and sugar by merchants for higher profits. It wasn’t all talk though. He made us a batch of treacle from the sap he had just harvested that morning and it was a revelation. A sweet revelation of what kithul treacle was meant to be.

It was just that point in our lives where we were looking for the next big idea to take shape, when through an interest by others close to us in taking on kithul, we decided to “make pani"! We bought one of every single bottle on the market and while there were a few which tasted right, the majority were just as the masters had said- watered down and barely any kithul in them. It sparked a passion in us to take on the challenge to do this remarkable product justice and bring to the market a truly authentic product that revived the natural goodness of pure kithul.

We wanted to break away from the traditional way of making treacle and innovate the process. We were lucky to come under the tutelage of Dr. Ranasinghe who shared our enthusiasm to bring out the best of the liquid gold that kithul truly is, and with his guidance we were able to automate our process, making Raga kithul the only company in Sri Lanka to have an automated process within the kithul industry.

As an all-girl team, we wanted to inspire more females to come forward and tackle challenges that we know can be tough but where we know we can make a difference. Especially in arenas which are not high-profile topics and where nothing much has been done to combat the complacency of the industry and shake a profit only mindset. We hope our story and our experiences can help other women who see issues that need to be addressed and give them the courage to speak up and take action.

Today, we are so proud to see our dreams bottled into reality and heading out the door to your families. We are committed to the Raga team that are now our family and we hope that you will continue to support us as we pour 100% pure kithul syrup over the world!

Female tribes. Kithul vibes.

The brand is spearheaded by an alpha team of brilliant and hardworking women that have a vision that look beyond a finished product and into a golden horizon where kithul reigns supreme.

Other women have been recruited to the program and are also employed full time with the complete range of benefits that would be available to every entry level corporate executive. A reliable source of income and the respect that comes with working for a brand that champions women and a national flavour that offers so much more than sweetness, is a dream come true for the women of Raga, for whom opportunities like these, don’t often present themselves.