RAGA Kithul is 100% pure virgin kithul harvested from over 1200 of own trees on the Dumbara Estate in Ratnapura.

We guarantee an #unapologeticallyreal product as the kithul technicians that procure the sap are our own team and each step of the process in making our potent elixir of liquid gold maintains ISO standards that certify quality and RAGA guaranteed purity.

With no added sugars, diluents or additives, RAGA Kithul is vegan friendly and an all-natural alternative to refined and artificial sugars and sweeteners.

Defined as a low GI food, our syrup is packed with antioxidants and is easier for the body to break down which helps indigestion. RAGA Kithul is recommended by experts and is a versatile and delicious flavour for everyone at home no matter their age or dietary preferences.


Does your Kithul look a little different today?

Don't worry colour variations are common in Kithul and fluctuate based on climate, soil and plant ecology.

The flavour is uncompromised & maintains the gold standard.

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